This Video Will Give You Hope About Getting Back With Your Ex...Kind Of

Mostly, it will let you know how important it is to communicate well with another person.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 6, 2017
Image: Pexels
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Meeting your ex for the first time after a breakup isn't easy. No matter how sure you may be that you've gotten over them, there are still traces of the love you used to share and the sadness you felt when he left you that will bubble up to the surface. Most of the time, during that accidental meeting, you'll even find yourself wanting to get back with them again. 

In this video shared by UNILAD, an ex-couple sees each other again and while it may seem that they give out "normal" reactions of exes seeing each other after a breakup, what they tell their common friend is sooo different.


The girl and the guy interpreted different things from their meeting when in reality, they actually share the same feeling of wanting to be with the other person again. And while this may not happen to all ex-couples in the world, what we can learn from this is the importance of clear communication. And we don't just mean understanding the other person, but really talking to them and listening to their side of the story.

Really listening and talking to them will give you a clear idea of what they meant by their actions and their words...unless they, of course, try to conceal how they feel. While it may always not be a happy ending like (after all, ex-couples getting back together is one in a million), we can all agree that communication is important in any relationship—not just the talking part, but the listening part too.

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