Top 5 Prom Dates

by Macy Alcaraz, Roch Vergara   |  Feb 9, 2009
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First of all, whoever it was you asked in the first place doesn't deserve to be your date on one of the most special nights of your life if he turned you down! Shame on him. With that said, there are still a few options for your Knight in Shining Armor!

  1. Your Childhood Playmate
    Gone are the days when you'd fling each other with dirt when the other one steals your toys. You've both grown into lovely people (him, handsome) so it's no question that you'd look good in your prom picture. And because you've seen him in his diapers and he's seen you with no hair, there's no reason why asking him to be your date would be awkward. If he as much as pauses to think of his answer (duh, it should be yes!), you can always remind him how you can totally give him a good wedgie. :P

  2. Your Gay Friend/Seatmate
    How much fun is the night going to be singing along to all the boy band songs and posing for your prom picture? It's going to be so fab! He can even help you pick out your dress and shop for the shoes to go with it. You'll never be second guessing with him because he'll tell you what he thinks all the time.

  3. Your Kuya
    Okay, okay, before you start screaming "gross," please do not think of your brother as a romantic date. Because, ew, that's not what we mean. Think of it as an ultimate bonding experience for the both of you. He's probably gone to his own prom so he can teach you a thing or two. Besides, your parents will be sure you'll be following your curfew that night!

  4. Your Neighbor Who's Had a Crush on You Since God-Knows-When
    So, you don't like him that way, and you don't think of him as prom date-worthy. But look at it this way, he's sure to say yes (he's been waiting for you to ask) and the bonus is that you can use this night to get to know him better. Give the guy a chance! Maybe you have something in common? If sparks don't fly in the romantic sense, you can always end up being better friends than you started out to be.

  5. Your Friend's Kuya's Best Friend's Brother
    In short, blind date. If you've never been on one, let one of your gal pals set you up with one of her friends that you don't have any connections with. Having a stranger (someone filtered by your friend, who knows what you like, who you get along with, and who you'd never date) to be your date is actually an adventure. Get to know each other from the ride to the hotel ‘til your after-prom party. If you enjoyed each other's company, then probably that night won't be the last time you'll be seeing each other. If not, well at least you gained a friend. :P
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