Here's How You Make Your Long Distance Relationships Work in the Most Adorable Way

Take your cue from this girl's super cute method!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 4, 2016
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It has always been said that long distance relationships are difficult and that it takes a lot of effort so things can work between you and your bae. We agree that it does involve hard work and a lot of understanding because distance really, really sucks. It sucks to not have your guy around whenever you're so happy about something that you feel like you're about to burst, whenever you're so sad and blue that all you need is a tight hug from him, or whenever you just need him to be beside you because you're terribly missing him already.

But those difficulties and struggles aren't reasons to give up on your long distance relationship, Candy Girls. Those aren't reasons to stop you from being happy and feeling kilig with your bae. Take your cue from Mikki who gave her boyfriend Tyson this really adorable gift to make the distance between them easier to bear and to give him some giddy feels, too. It's too cute that it will make you want to make a care package like this for your bae! (via

when your gf lives 2 time zones away and leaves you surprises

Mikki and Tyson met on DeviantArt and saw each other in person for the first time in March 2015. She lives in Minneapolis while he lives in Canada, but that distance between them didn't stop the two from falling in love with each other. Tyson shared the photos above on Imgur where it has been shared and viewed a thousand times, majority of the comments wished them well and felt really happy for these long distance lovers. You go, Tyson and Mikki, because we wish you both nothing but the best!

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See? There are a ton of creative ways to make things between you and your guy work. You can have dates online via Skype or Facetime, install these apps that make it easier to communicate with each other, or listen to your favorite songs together. You choose! Just don't give up on the relationship so easily, especially when you know what you have is worth fighting for.


Know more ways of making long distance relationships work? Share them with us in the comments! :)

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