Relationships and Dating In Every Age

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 31, 2015
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Relationships and dating in every age is very different. You surely have matured and learned a lot of lessons as you grow older, which changes the way you deal with boys and relationship troubles. How different are they from each other, you ask? Here's a short guide to help you. 

13-15 years old

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How you likely met: You go to the same schools, are in the same circle, or during summer camp or summer classes.

Firsts: First kiss, first fight, first heartbreak, first time to cry yourself to sleep, first date, first time to hold a guy's hand. Almost every relationship first.

Your dates: You'd be lucky if mom and dad allowed you to go out without supervision. Mostly you hang around in the mall or some place that's 15 minutes away from your house.

Causes of your fights: Not being able to respond to a message ASAP, or hearing from a friend of a friend of a friend that your boyfriend likes someone else or is someone else's crush.


Causes of breakup: Because you can't have a boyfriend yet or because you just fell out of love.

16-18 years old

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How you likely meet: You go to the same school, are on the same club, or he was introduced by a friend of a friend.

Firsts: First time to talk about the future a.k.a. college and how your relationship can survive the busy days.

Your dates: They are mostly quick and you're practical about it because college is tough on both of your finances. Boo!

Causes of your fights: Not enough time for each other or just because you've been so stressed in school lately.

Cause of breakup: Because it's best at this point in your life. You both realize that juggling your relationship with school isn't really impossible, but very difficult.

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19-22 years old

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How you likely met: You both interned for the same company or were introduced by a friend of a friend or your titas and titos.

Firsts: First time have a conversation about your career and what happens after you both graduate from college.

Your dates: Day trips to places that are a few hours away from where you are.

Causes of fights: Time and commitment are serious issues and if one of these appear to be blurry to either one of you, serious talk is necessary.

Cause of breakup: Uncertainty of the future because either or both of you will want to know if you're have the same thing in mind.

22 and above

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How you likely met: You are officemates, you went to the same college, or were introduced by a friend of a friend or your titas and titos.

Firsts: First talk about marriage or growing old together.


Your dates: Out of town and even out of the country trips together or with your friends.

Causes of fights: Time since you are both busy working on your careers, and sometimes even money when you're saving up for something big.

Cause of breakup: Usually because you both don't have the same outlook and plans in life.

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Remember, Candy Girls, that this is not the same for everybody and every couple. You and your partner get to decide what makes and breaks your relationship. You can both set the tone on how serious you are about your future no matter how old you two are. The important part of your journey as a couple is that you're learning together and that you're willing to compromise to make things work between the two of you. Good luck!

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