This Is the Website for You If You're Still Into Your Ex

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 18, 2017
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Trust us, Candy Girls, we know how difficult it is to move on from that ex who broke your heart so badly. We know how much you just need to let out your feelings even if you've done so a thousand times already. We know you just need to talk about what happened and your memories with the ex, no matter how much you sound like a broken record. We know what you need, and that's a safe space where you can talk about the pain and heartbreak without judgment. So we're happy to introduce you to a website that does that for you: (via

The website, obviously, provides support for those who are having a difficult time moving on from their exes through the services they offer. Aside from posts and articles talking about how to move on (which is all over the WWW), there are also different forums that provide a daily check-in on how you're currently doing. Topics include Social Media & ExIdolizing Your Ex, and many more.


What seems to be a favorite among its members though is the Counting Days topic, where they tell stories on how long it's been since they've last initiated contact with their ex. Exaholics also offers webinars about breakups that gives users the weapons and knowledge they need to get through this fight without feeling all alone.

Exaholics now has 10,000 users, composed of men and women. It has provided these people a space where no one judges anyone. Everyone allows each user to just tell their stories and experiences which is, honestly, a vital part of moving on.

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