This Is the Cheesiest Thing Donny Pangilinan Has Done for a Girl

by Mara Agner , Macy Alcaraz   |  Jan 26, 2017
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We hear you. You've been tweeting us asking us to feature Donny Pangilinan and when we bumped into him at the launch of the newly-opened Pablo Mini store in BGC, we knew we just had to talk to him for you guys!

Having just sampled some of the mini cheese tarts (omg, they're yum!), we were in the mood for a cheesy Q&A! Read on below to find out what we talked about.

When we ask him what was the cheesiest thing he's ever done for a girl, his mom—Maricel Laxa, NBD!—chimes in to spill the beans. "When he holds my hand when I'm driving," she shares. "Or when I drive for her," Donny adds. Aww!

If you were wondering if he can be just as cheesy when in a relationship, maybe you'll be happy to know that he's actually "not dating anyone right now." He says this while putting an arm around his mom. What a sweetie! But he believes that it's okay to be cheesy once in a while, "I don't want a relationship where you always talk about serious things."


"He's always the one they're giving pickup lines to," his mom reveals when we ask Donny for the cheesiest pickup line he's ever tried on a girl. If you're wondering which particular one he found the cheesiest, he tells us, "I lost my number, can I have yours?" LOL, maybe you can try a cheesier one the next time you bump into him?

And how could we not ask him for a message for you, our dear Candy readers? We told him how you've been waiting for him to get featured here and this is what he has to say:

"Hello to all the Candy Girls! Thank you so much for supporting me and for always being there for me, sending me messages on social media. There are times I don't get to reply to a lot of them but I try my very best. I just want to say I appreciate them so much. I'm glad that we have a certain relationship that others take for granted."

Aww, now that's the kind of cheesy we like! 

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