This Is How You Won't Lose Him

by Maqui Castelo   |  Oct 26, 2014
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You have lost him many times, but he comes back time and again. This isn't the first time, and you don't want to lose him, ever. Actually, you never did. So here's how you won't.

At midnight, when the only ones awake are the security guards doing graveyard shifts and your argument sees no end, stop for a while and think. Listen to what he has to say—really listen. Try to understand where he's coming from. Let yourselves rest, and go to sleep. You're going to receive a "good morning" text the next day, trust us.

When you can't fall asleep at 3 in the morning, and you want to talk to him over the phone but he says he's tired, say "good night" anyway. He probably had a long day. Let him rest for now. He'll dream about you.

Talk to him. Let him know what you're really feeling, instead of saying that "nothing" is wrong. Tell him about your day, even about the "girl stuff" you always try to keep from him. He's going to cry out of laughter.


Respect him because he deserves it. Respect his opinions, his religion, and his family. Respect his friends and befriend them. Respect, most especially, his aspirations in life and support him, even when you can't take part in any of them. You'll always be a part of them because you inspire him.

Look crazy in love, and not just because Beyoncé sang about it. Show the world how you feel about him. Sometimes, the reassurance is better than the kisses and the embraces.

Believe him when he says you are beautiful. He really does. He has no reason to lie. Even if you don't feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, to him you are. You're beautiful, and his eyes can see that.

Let him know that you don't expect him to be perfect. That you don't expect fancy dinners, expensive gifts, and special trips out of town or abroad. He'll try his best to give you those. And even if he can't, he will at least try to make you feel like everything is going to be perfect. Because with you, everything is perfect.

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Let him do the things he wants to do, like going out with the boys or staying at home to work on a hobby. Know that those things are important to him. Try to understand him even if for that moment, you are apart. Sometimes he needs a little space he can call his own.

That might just be a little bit of everything. But ultimately, love him. That's how you won’t lose him ever again.


This article was written in response to Alve Jane Aranton's This Is How You Won't Lose Her.

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