This Is How You Can Resolve an Argument with Your Boyfriend

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 28, 2017
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Got into another argument with your boyfriend...again? We know it's really hard to resolve fights, but we also know you can't stay angry and annoyed at him for too long. Riiight? So we're happy to tell you that our Candy Cuties this year have shared the best ways to resolve a fight with your guy. It's from the guys, so it's highly effective when you use it on your boyfriend! Hee hee.

"Listen, understand, reply, respect, and if the fight is getting intense, swallow your pride. Hug it out, calm down, and then restart! Those work for me, but every relationship is different for everyone; it's like a manual car you won't learn for yourself until you try and learn how to on the way." —Migo Adecer
"See the problem in the eyes of your significant other, talk about it because silent treatments don't go well, and compromise and do whatever it is you can to resolve the problem." —Ace Yabut

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