This Hack Will Stop You from Crying Over Your Ex

This is your sign that you should stop wasting your tears over that guy.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 5, 2016
Image: MCA Music Art: Clare Magno
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We've all been in this situation before. You know, when you're still reeling from the loss of that guy and you can't stop your tears from falling. It's not a bad thing because there will really be times—a lot of them, actually!—when you can't control your emotions and you just need to let them all out.

However, there are also moments when you just feel like you're done crying your eyes out. For those moments, our friends from Dolly found a hack to help us stop the tears from running down our beautiful faces.

The trick? Pinch yourself real good—specifically that thin skin between your thumb and pointer finger—when your tears start to threaten you! According to Ad Vingerhoets, a Tilburg University Scientist, sensing physical pain will distract you from the emotional pain. "I can imagine that, more generally, increasing muscle tension and moving may limit your crying response, because it seems that crying is in particular a passive and helpless reaction," he explained.


Good to know! Now we know what to do. But remember that if you really need a good cry, it's best to just give in or go to your bedroom, cry a little, and do whatever it is that will make you happy somehow. Good luck, Candy Girls!

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