This Girl Used a Spotify Playlist to Confess Her Feelings for a Crush

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 20, 2017
Image: Hannah Woodley |
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It really is difficult to confess your feelings for another person. You're risking a lot just to make your feelings known to the person you're hopelessly in love with. But this is where our love for the internet comes in, because Twitter user Hannah Woodley used a Spotify playlist to do the confessing for her! (via

She shared screencaps of the her playlist on Twitter, where the song titles spelled out what she was trying to tell the person she admired.

The entire playlist says, "I kinda like you and I wanted to tell you. You might not feel the same and that is okay, but I thought you should know. If you don't feel it, I still wanna be friends. I am corny." ♥

Aww, this is too cute! We love how she was able to tell them that they don't really need to feel the same way about her. It's just that she wanted to let them know how she feels. And BTW, Hannah, you're not corny at all! It takes a lot of courage to do this...even through a Spotify playlist.


And if you're curious how Hannah's crush responded, well, she got her happy ending. The person she likes feels the same way. 

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