These Candy Cuties Reveal Their Biggest Turn-Offs

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 12, 2016
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Scream Queens

We all have our own set of turn-offs. Yup, that includes guys. Ever wondered what makes guys running to the opposite direction even if they really, really like a girl? Some of our Candy Cuties revealed their biggest deal-breakers in girls. Don't forget to share yours with us in the comments, Candy Girls! We always love hearing from all of you.

Diego Loyzaga "Chewing with her mouth open, smelly feet, and over confidence." —Diego Loyzaga
Neil Buenaventura "Girls who are loud and swear too much, maarte girls and those who eat with no manners." —Neil Buenaventura
Miguel Escobar "Girls who aren't articulate, because I enjoy having engaging conversations with people and that demands the ability to express your opinions. Girls with a sense of entitlement or superiority. Girls who are pretentious." —Miguel Escobar
Brian Gimenez "Boastfulness and girls who can't appreciate the simple things in life." —Brian Gimenez
Jovic Ventinilla "If she doesn't trust me and believes in anybody more than she believes me. If she is trying to change me and doesn't accept me for who I am." —Jovic Ventinilla
Joaquin Anareta "When a girl uses way too much makeup. Just the right amount is fine. Too much covers her natural beauty. Bad hygiene because I love girls who are always fresh. Probably a girl who spends too much time in clubs or bars. I prefer staying in or going out to watch movies, not drink." —Joaquin Anareta
Jairus Aquino "Girls who smoke and drink, are close-minded, and those who can hurt me." —Jairus Aquino
Ching Santiago "I don't like immature girls because it's like I'm talking to kids. Poor hygiene, I want her to look nice. And selfish girls, because she isn't always the boss." —Ching Santiago

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What are your biggest turn-offs, Candy Girls? Let's talk in the comments. We always love hearing from you. :)

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