There's a Good Reason Why Couples Baby Talk and Have Couple Names

"Hey, sweetie pie cuppy cake."
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 1, 2017
Image: Unsplash Art: Clare Magno
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Okay, confession time! You have to admit to this, Candy Girls. You have this couple-y voice and way of talking to the love of your life. Hee hee. It's unintentional; you just find yourself changing the way you talk whenever you talk to bae. Plus, you also can't help but call him by your couple name.

Doing these things are natural to both of you. And if you think it's quite gross or that it's cringe-worthy, here's where we tell you to stop thinking that way because there's actually a good reason why you do those things. Hee hee.

According to a research called 'Sweet Pea' and 'Pussy Cat': An Examination of Idiom Use and Marital Satisfaction Over the Life Cycle carried out by Carol Bruess, the reason behind this way of communication (hello, "baby talk"!) is because you find solidarity and satisfaction in the relationship. Yay, that's good news! (via


As for the couple names, Carol said that it's a sign of intimacy between the two of you, a way for us to put a label on the things we call ours.

"I think it's a really human, natural behavior to take language and shape it for our own purposes," she told Hello Giggles. "I think that's how nicknames evolve. We name things, we give things symbols, and over time we tend to naturally manipulate those symbols toward a certain outcome."

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Aww! So don't feel so bad about it, Candy Girls. Other people won't find it cute, of course, because that couple-y voice you use and couple name you call him by is meant for the person you're with—and not for them. ♥

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