The Things Only Girls Who are Dating a Sensitive Guy Will Understand

They make great friends and even better boyfriends.
by Marla Miniano   |  Jun 27, 2015
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Sensitive guys are the best: their self-awareness is on-point, which means they're super in tune with your feelings, too. They make great friends and even better boyfriends because you won't have to spell out every little thing for them, and they'll never make you feel like your emotions are petty or insignificant. They listen, they care, and they know how to read between the lines. There are a ton of perks that come with dating a sensitive guy, and this list celebrates the good, the funny, and everything in between. (Plus, an important reminder!)

 1  He has a special way with words.

Romantic, carefully crafted declarations of love every day? Yes, please!

 2  He knows how to handle your moods.

"I got this."

 3  He doesn't panic when you cry.

…even when it's because of a bad haircut or a celebrity breakup.

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 4  And he's not afraid to cry in front of you (or with you).

"Let's just hold each other."

 5  Which means he'll cry over YouTube videos…

"That puppy is best friends with a kitten! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL."

 6  Or even particularly well-made commercials.

"I know they're just trying to sell me stuff, but HUHUHU!"

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 7  With him, you can never pretend that nothing's wrong. 

Uh-huh, honey, he knows what's up.

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 8  But on a more serious note, you'll never ever hear him say the infuriating phrase, "Stop acting like a girl."

No to casual feminism!

 9  And when one of his guy friends opens up to him about anything remotely emotional, he'll never respond with, "Dude, that's so gay."

Hey, bros need to let it out, too.

 10  Because ultimately, he understands that it doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl—our feelings make us human, and we owe it to ourselves to stay in touch with them and give them the attention they deserve, regardless of gender. 


Good talk? Good talk. 

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