The Talk: How to Know If It's Time to Be Exclusive with Your Guy

Having issues defining your relationship with your guy? Or is he even your guy in the first place? If you think it's time to have The Talk with him to DTR, then read on.
by Cidee Despi   |  Jun 18, 2016
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So there's this guy who constantly texts you, asks about your day, and worries about you if you go home late. Whenever your friends ask what's going on between you two and you say "we're just friends," they laugh and ask again, "No, seriously, you can't be just friends!" And you know that they might be right—there's something going on between you two that might be beyond friendship. You think you like him, and maybe he likes you too.

Relationships can be tricky, especially if you're not even sure if you are in a relationship. It is important to know where you are in a relationship because you are both investing time and energy on each other. To help you clear it out, here are a few steps to consider if you're planning to make the transition:

1. Identify where you are.

It's not necessary that you put a label on it, but at least try to figure out what makes you think what you have is more than friendship. This helps you make sure that you have concrete things that support your confusion, and that it's not just all in your head.


2. Know what you want.

Before going into the battlefield, you first have to figure out for yourself what you really want. Once in there, you might find yourself agreeing to something you did not think through. Remember, we are talking about relationships here, and relationships aren't something you can just back out from easily.

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3. Talk. 

No matter how scary this might be, this is necessary for the relationship to grow. Of course, this will not be easy. Confronting this puts you into a confusing and vulnerable position, but do not back down easily. Remember that if you really want a healthy relationship with that person, romantic or otherwise, then you need to talk about your status.

4. Stay Strong.

If you decide that you're better off as just friends, then that's totally okay, maybe even better. And if that's the case, then learn how to be strong so the both of you can still maintain a healthy relationship even just as friends. If you decide that you're meant for each other, then that's great too. You still have to keep the strength for the sake of not just yourself, but of your relationship as well. Relationships are work, but being honest and open about each other is key and if you braved making the transition through talking, then you're off to a good start.


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