The Sweetest Thing

Inside every tough guy lies a true sweetie. Don't believe us? Here are some real-life love stories that will certainly make you swoon!
  |  Sep 7, 2003
Compiled by Nina Carlotta, Lora Gahol, and Angel Rodriguez
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A Love Story

I thought I'd be having the same old boring Valentine's Day I normally have every year. I wasn't expecting anything from anyone, but early that day in school, I was surprised to see a single rose resting on top of my chair. It came with a folded piece of paper with my name on it. One part of a story was written on it, but I had no idea who wrote it because the paper was unsigned. The story was about a boy who longed to be an angel, so he went to a genie to wish for it. The genie then asked him why... and the story just ended there.

After recess, I got the second part of the story through my teacher who announced to the entire class that he was asked to give me a rose. The second rose came with the second part of the story where the boy answered the genie's question. The boy wanted to become a guardian angel because he wanted to guard the world. The genie then asked him why he wanted to guard the world... and the story ended there. During lunch break, I finally discovered that the roses were from a good guy friend of mine. How? He surprised me with the third rose and the last part of the story which read: "And the boy said to the genie, 'Because Jaymee is the world to me.'"
—Jaymee, 16

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Beary Yummy Breakfast
My best guy bud and I had a huge argument over something so silly. I refused to talk to him for almost a month, and totally avoided him in school and in our village. I thought he'd given up on trying to mend ties with me, until breakfast one morning. On my usual spot at the dining table was a plateful of pancakes, with orange gummi bears (my ultimate fave) spelling out "I'm sorry." He had prepared it for me! I gave him a call, and we patched things up. Who says only boyfriends do the sweetest things?
—Mikka, 15

Love Trip
Right before I left for my annual US vacation, I was pretty depressed because I'd be leaving my boyfriend behind. Two months without him seemed unbearable! The night before my scheduled flight to LA, my boyfriend and I went out on a date. When I got into his car, I was surprised to find a big box on the passenger seat. In it were DVDs of our favorite movies, a pack of Soft Batch cookies, and 60 rolled-up Post-It notes–a message for each day I'd be away. Awww! Leaving didn't seem so torturous after that.
—Still in Love, 18


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