The ?Su-She? Bar

by L.A. Consing Lopez   |  Jan 12, 2006
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Who caught their eye?
When asked which of the four girls would catch their eye the most, 30% said that Sonia was very appealing. Jon, 17, says, “I like a girl who doesn’t look like everyone else. She makes her own jewelry, she must be very unique.” Another 30% said Riva was an eye-catcher. Nico and Jason, both 18, claim that a Riva looks like a girl with a lot of confidence and that guys are drawn to “girls who are secure in themselves.” Five guys said they’d notice Alex, while only three mentioned Amanda. Justin, 16, finds Amanda’s accomplishments in school impressive and admirable. “I like a girl with priorities. She does well in school and by being on the student board, you know she has ambition.” They all agree however that what makes a girl special is how she stands out from the rest, either by the way they look or how they carry themselves.

Who would be their friend?
True to her pleasing and easygoing personality, a great majority of the guys said that Alex would most likely be their friend. GB, a 16-year-old soccer player, says, “I like a lot of outdoorsy activities. Alex seems like she’d be cool with almost anything and anyone.” On the flipside, 30% said they’d have Sonia as a friend. Louie, 17, explains that, “you want to have friends who are passionate about something. I think it’s cool that Sonia is into music and art. You want to be able to learn from your friends.” Two people said Amanda would be part of their barkada, while only one guy said that Riva would be a good friend of his.


Who would they want to date? Don’t pity Riva just yet; although she isn’t the crowd favorite for buddy, 50% said she’s the girl they want to date. Mario, 15, claims, “The most popular girl is always the one all the guys go crazy for.” Luke puts it simply, “Riva would be the most unattainable girl on campus. Who wouldn’t want her as a date?” Jopaul, 18, disagrees, “The girl you date has to be someone you can consider your friend. You guys have to be able to get along first?” For a date he picks Sonia, who ranks second in the “date” category. “Sonia will definitely keep the date interesting and unique,” says Jopaul. Meanwhile Alex and Amanda both find themselves in the bottom two.


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