The ?Su-She? Bar

by L.A. Consing Lopez   |  Jan 12, 2006
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Just as there are many different types of fish in the sea, the kinds of girls out there are just as numerous and diverse. Candyman picks out four variants of “girl” to see how each type holds up against swarms of teenage boys. Which girl flops and which will soar in the honest world of the male perspective?

We wanted to test how real guys see certain female stereotypes. We presented four kinds of girls to 20 guys, each girl with her own distinct personality and style: the party girl, the school sprite, the artistic chick, and the athletic girl.

Riva - The Party Girl
Riva is an aspiring fashion designer. She loves everything about fashion, which can be seen in her many trips to the mall and the hoards of fashion magazines in her room (including Candy of course!). At first glance she may look a bit intimidating, but beneath the bling is a girl as genuine as her designer clothes.

Amanda - The School Sprite
Not only is Amanda an honor student, she’s also president of the Student Board. This future congresswoman loves to read autobiographies of great women in history, especially of her idol Sen. Hillary Clinton. She recently organized a battle of the bands competition to raise funds for new chairs for a nearby public school.

Sonia - The Artistic Chick
Sonia doesn’t buy jewelr–she makes them! Using earth-friendly and natural materials, Sonia makes unique accessories that also double as wearable art. This writer/painter is also part of the school paper as both a journalist and art director.


Alex — The Athletic Girl
Alex is definitely a girl on the go. When she’s not playing soccer with friends, she’s playing badminton with her little brothers. This easygoing varsity girl gets along with just about anybody–especially with guys. Boys like her ‘cause she’s fuss-free.

After sharing each of these profiles to our test-teens (20 guys to be exact), we asked them to give their honest feedback on how they would assess each girl had they been real people they actually met (although many of respondents reportedly know girls similar or exactly like those mentioned).

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