The Pros and Cons of Holiday Dating

Because romance blossoms during the cold, cold Christmas season, too.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Dec 16, 2014
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Aside from summer flings, there's also this thing called winter flings or holiday flings—relationships or non-relationships that begin during the Christmas season or the -ber months. Think you're about to be in one soon or you just want to be in one, too? Maybe it's best to go over this list first before you make that Christmas wish.

The Pros

The Pros and Cons of Holiday Dating The Pros and Cons of Holiday Dating


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  1. You have time. You finished your homework and class projects before Christmas break begins and you have a week or two to do whatever you want. This means if you start your relationship during this wonderful time of the year, you have enough time to go all honeymoon-y with each other.

  2. You can get to know each other without wasting time. You can talk to him a lot during this time and see if you can actually hit it off once you have to decide if you want to take the relationship seriously or not. Some actually see it as a stage for testing the waters if they're ready for a full-blown commitment or not.

  3. You get to save on dates. There's so many party and get-togethers to attend that you might as well have your date at those gatherings. You can eat so much without spending so much, too. Everybody wins!

  4. You can save on gifts. You can have your date gift and Christmas gift rolled in one package. You don't have to buy him separate little gifts for separate occasions.  Life bonus: His was born in December.

  5. You get warm embraces and some company. Let's admit it, the cold weather just makes you a little bit gloomy, lonely, and sad. When you start dating over the holidays, you have someone to talk to or keep you company... and even give you warm giant hugs when you need a few.


The Cons

The Pros and Cons of Holiday Dating The Pros and Cons of Holiday Dating
  1. You get to meet his parents or the rest of his family. This could be a pro or con depending on how you view it. Because of all the gatherings during Christmas season, he just might let you tag along in one of his family dinners. The thing is this might be such an early stage for your relationship (or non-relationship) to do family introductions.

  2. You might get heartbroken. It might end so soon—even before Christmas vacay is over—and you'll find yourself mending wounds instead of actually having fun during the holidays unless the cold doesn't really bother you, like Queen Elsa. Hrhrhr.

  3. You get too attached too soon. There is a high tendency that you get too attached because you're not doing much during on your vacant time. Constantly talking to and seeing each other will deepen the non-relationship and by the time it ends, it will be difficult to say goodbye.

  4. You get a bit emotional. Let's be honest, we tend to be a little sensitive during the holidays because one, the weather makes us like that, and two, because it's just a great time for relationships (because love is all around, remember?). The littlest things about him and the complicated state of your relationship might just irritate you and cause petty fights throughout the holidays. Aww.

  5. There's a high possibility that it'll end, too. Like all flings, there's a high chance that once Christmas break is over, you have to bid him farewell. It will be difficult and sad, but most of the time you won't have a choice. Just because it happens on Christmas doesn't mean it's any different from summer flings.

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