The Perfect Date for Your Zodiac Sign

Follow the stars all the way to your dream date.
by Karma Gypsy   |  Oct 29, 2016
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(March 21 to April 19)

Breakout Performance. You love taking charge and getting things done, so there's no place more perfect for you and your guy than a strategy-filled date at a breakout room. You'll get to show off your smarts by figuring your way out of puzzles and problems, and when you're getting a little impatient (which, let's admit, happens quite a bit!), he can take over and show you that breakouts are better together. Let the competition heat up and add more sparks between you and your love.


(April 20 to May 20)

Take a Hike. Nowhere is a Taurus more in her element than in the woods. Schedule some down time with your dream guy out of town, and make your way up to Pinatubo's crater, or take a stab at mastering Masungi's steep climbs. If breaking a sweat isn't your thing, pack a picnic instead. Let him sweep you off your bare feet by showing you a view you haven't yet seen! Start your date off by having this one super important rule—all gadgets off so you can enjoy your date, uninterrupted.



(May 21 to June 20)

Ride On. Head out of the city and into a childhood classic—the theme park! You're never quite content in just one place, and with the number of rides you and your guy can enjoy the entire day, you'll never be bored. After all, rollercoasters are exhilarating and can be pretty romantic too! Don't stick to your usual rides—get him to show you his theme park staples too and make your day an eye-opening experience. Of course, no day at a park is complete without nighttime fireworks.

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(June 21 to July 22)

Paint Date. Channel your inner artist (and show off your skills too) at the neighborhood paint place (**note: like Sip and Gogh). You love letting your imagination roll and he'll love seeing you break out of your everyday shell and explore with paints, colors, and textures. Open yourself up to letting him see your inner world, and maybe even work on a canvas together—not only will you see how well your minds meld, but you'll also have a souvenir from the date you can hang up on your walls.



(July 23 to August 22) 

Act Out. Match your love high with an equally thrilling night doing Improv Theater. It takes some serious battling of wits to be able to keep up with a troop of comedians, and when he shows you he's up to the challenge, you'll get your sign that you've met the right guy for you. Jump into the adrenaline rush of an instantaneous performance—you'll have laughs, jokes, and even embarrassing bloopers to look back on forever.


(August 23 to September 22) 

Do Good. You like every moment of your time to be productive and go to a good cause, so why not hit two birds with one stone on a date? Show him the causes you care about by bringing him to an afternoon at the pet shelter, volunteer together at an old folks' home, or see how well he does with a bunch of kids at a nearby orphanage. It's a way of introducing him to what matters most to you, and giving others some love too.


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(September 23 to October 22) 

Night at the Theater. Libras have a fascination with all things artful and artistic, and watching a show is one of the best ways to experience everything artsy. Anyone can watch a movie or surrender to an evening of Netflix, but it’s a rare experience to see a story unfold right in front of your eyes. Make a night of it and let the evening be extra special by dressing up and going for a fancy dinner too. If a guy can share your love of Shakespeare, then it must be love.


(October 23 to November 21) 

Dance Off. There's no more perfect place for a Scorpio to channel all that vitality and passion than the dance floor. Take your guy out for a night of adrenaline-rush release at a club you've never tried, or if you're up for something new, try out a genre of music you're unfamiliar with—salsa night or tango can be just as cool as a stint at your regular place. Feeling shy? Sign up for a class together and let him surprise you with his moves.



(November 22 to December 21)

Trip Out. There's no bigger turn off for a Sag than a totally predictable, run of the mill dinner-and-a-movie routine. Let your dude take the wheel for a day and ask him to surprise you with a road trip (make sure you stay safe and have your phone with you!). Spontaneity is the rule of the day—be totally open to stopovers at places where you can buy pasalubong, or go for a bowl of bulalo at a sidewalk stand instead of your typical café with a view. Anything goes!

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(December 22 to January 19) 

Museum Tour. Historical landmarks can be totally romantic once taken out of their typical school field trip frame. Go for a romantic bike ride around the cobblestones of Intramuros, or show him what you know about the Spoliarium at the National Museum. Make a detour from your usual shopping date at Greenbelt and head into the Ayala Museum for a change and let your inner history buff go wild. Take him up to Pinto Gallery for a look at off the cuff artwork (and get tons of pretty photo ops in too!).



(January 20 to February 18)

Café Conversations. It doesn't take a whole lot to impress you on a date—as long as you're surrounded by your three favorite things: tons of books, a cup of coffee (or two), and a really memorable conversation. Spend the evening with your date at the biggest bookstore you can find (Fully Booked in High Street is perfect!) and indulge in rifling through the pages—pick out reads for him, and let him get you a book too. Retreat to a cozy corner at the in-store café and reserve the rest of the night for talking 'til the wee hours.


(February 19 to March 20) 

Beach Bound. A Pisces feels most at home in the water, so head out of the city and on to a nearby beach for a quick day trip. Hang out by the shore with some icy coolers, or tap into your adventurous streak by taking a snorkeling or scuba class together. Sign up for a surf class at a wave pool, and come out of your date with just another reason to go further out of town for a dreamy, fun surf weekend with your guy.

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