The Most Common Mistakes Guys Make In a Relationship

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 6, 2015
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We all know that nobody's perfect, but there are just some mistakes that we tend to do over and over again without realizing it. But of course, Candy Girls, remember to be as patient as you can when dealing with them. Because just like us, guys aren't perfect, too. It's best if you both talk about these things calmly and come up with the best solution to the problem together. To help you and your bae keep your relationship healthy, we asked our Candy Cuties to tell us what they think are the most common mistakes guys make when they're dating someone. Here are their answers:

Gil Cuerva "Some guys forget to introduce their girlfriends to their closest bros. I'm no relationship expert, but I'd like to think that girls would appreciate their boyfriends introducing them to their friends because it shows just how proud the guy is to have that girl as his girlfriend." —Gil Cuerva
Sean Peabody "Probably that would be not trying to see things from the girl's perspective and/or after some time, forgetting to be sweet." —Sean Peabody
Kim Rono "Pride! You should swallow your pride because it usually destroys relationships." —Kim Roño

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How about you, Candy Girls? What do you think are the most common relationship mistakes guys make? Let's discuss them in the comments. :)

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