The Men In Your Life

Your daddy, your brother, and your best boy bud-these three guys make up the most important dudes in your world. How do you keep them close to you? Check out how these four celeb pairs keep their relationships happenin'!
by Ines Bautista-Yao   |  May 28, 2010
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My Brother
John and Camille Prats

You'd expect them to be sick of each other. With just a year's difference in their ages, John and Camille grew up side by side-and are still in each other's faces today. "When we were a lot younger, we would take baths together, and we'd sleep beside each other," Camille shares.

Besides working together, they gimmick together. "Being with my kuya is so much fun. He always makes me laugh. Whenever he goes out, he brings me with him. We love watching movies. And because he's athletic, I try to be too. We swim, bike, and play badminton and basketball. We even have a basketball court at home!"

What they do best together, though, is tease their mom. "Ginugulo namin ang Mommy, but when she's hot-headed, nilalambing namin siya," Camille laughs. 

But the best part about being brother and sister is the bond that goes beyond the fun. "Whenever we talk about something serious, I feel as if she's five years older than me," John explains. "She even helps me when we're taping a show. Mataas ang confidence ko kasi kasama ko siya." Despite his sister's maturity, John still gets to play the role of kuya. "He's very overprotective with me," says Camille. "And he gets jealous of other guys! When I tell him I like a guy, he always says, ‘Ano ka ba?!' But he's very malambing and he always shows me he loves me."

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Not much changed in John and Camille's relationship as they got older. "We still fight over so many things-Kuya takes my stuff like my CDs, and he thinks he can get away with it just because he's older. Me naman, I tell our mom his secrets!" Camille giggles. "When we were younger, we'd also fight, but we'd fight about food! He used to be so fat, and he loved to eat. My dad told him that if he wanted to be an artista, he had to lose weight, so he was put on a diet! And because we sat beside each other at the dining table, he'd steal my food! I used to get so angry!"

But no matter how many times they need to patch up a fight, John and Camille wouldn't trade each other for anything. "I can't ask for anything more in a sister," shares John. "All my friends can disappear-just not her. I mean, I miss her when I don't see her for a day!" Camille adds, "It's great having a brother like John because I always have someone by my side."


My Daddy
Janno and Alyssa Gibbs

Janno and Alyssa wish they could spend more time with each other. "It's hard because my dad's schedule is quite hectic. We plan something and it doesn't push through because of his work. But he always makes up for it," Alyssa explains. 

With his demanding schedule, it's amazing how these two have kept their ties extremely tight. "We're exceptionally sweet, affectionate and thoughtful. We post messages on each other's doors," Janno shares. "If I haven't seen her, I'll post a message on her door that says, ‘I miss you.'"  And no fail-the following day he will see a note on his door from his daughter saying the same thing.

"My dad and I very close. Parang barkada," Alyssa smiles. "He's like my best friend. He knows who my crushes are, he knows my friends, and he talks to them. He's different from other dads.  He's cool." And when they hang-out together, they do so just like buds. "We play this game on the PlayStation called Circuit Breakers. It's a car game," Alyssa explains. "We race against each other and he always wins. We also like to watch movies together. We rent tapes and watch them at home. But he screens them first to check if I can watch them."


Janno attributes the fun they have to their close age-gap. "Since Bing and I had kids early, we're young parents. It's good because my kids and I are like buddies. Alyssa and I enjoy playing together. What's fun too, is that we share and enjoy the same music. We exchange new songs and ask if the other has seen this new video or heard that new song."  Alyssa says they hardly ever fight, but she can tell right away when her dad is upset with her. "He's matampuhin. When he's mad, he's like a kid. He doesn't talk and he's not magulo. He's usually magulo kasi. What happens is that my mom talks to me about it. My dad tells my mom why he's upset and she acts as our bridge." 

But no matter how chummy both can get, Alyssa says, "I treat my dad as if he were part of my barkada, but I still remember to show him respect. Just because he's parang barkada, he still is my dad and I should follow him pa rin." And this seems to work, because according to Janno, "I have two girls and people are always asking me when we're going to have a boy. I always say I don't need a boy. I'm very content."


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