The Different Ways You Can Tell That a Guy Is Nothing But a Player

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Sep 22, 2015
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Is he a player?

Wondering if your guy or the guy you're dating is a player? Sometimes, we just highly rely on our gut feel or our instinct. Most of the time, we're right. But there are just days when we get all paranoid about our guy or just a little jealous of his friends. So how do you spot a player? We asked our Candy Cuties this year to help us with this relationship and dating dilemma during their shoot. Check out the signs they've given us to help us spot a player.

Diego Loyzaga "Through his friends. And when he always keeps his mobile phone close to him and never out of his sight." —Diego Loyzaga
Neil Buenaventura "When he has different girls every time, when he doesn't show you the messages and photos in his phone, and doesn't reply to you whenever he's out." —Neil Buenaventura
Miguel Escobar "When he has lack of commitment; has inability to make time for you; and when doesn't include you when hanging out with other friends." —Miguel Escobar
Brian Gimenez "He likes to give his attention to every girl that interests him, and wants to impress and show off to them." —Brian Gimenez
Jovic Ventinilla "If the guy chats with girls and can't seem to stop staying on his phone. Also, if he keeps going out and parties with random people." —Jovic Ventinilla
Joaquin Anareta "He spends too much time in clubs and bars, texts a lot of girls, and talks to you when he isn't occupied by anyone else." —Joaquin Anareta
Jairus Aquino "If he doesn't let you see his phone, doesn't give you time so you can spend the day together, and normally always texts a lot of girls." —Jairus Aquino
Ching Santiago "If he's a party boy. If he's not letting you check his phone and spends more time with his friends rather than with you." —Ching Santiago

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What about you, Candy Girls? How do you know that a guy is a player? Let's talk in the comments! :)

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