The 9 Different Stages of a Non-Relationship

Welcome to the confusing world of dating. LOL!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 12, 2017
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Dating in this day and age sure is confusing. Not only are we dealing with the existence of social media, but we're also dealing with a ton of confusing dating trends. We really don't know anymore. But still, we find ourselves laying our hearts on the line anyway...and ending up in a non-relationship that sends us into a deep sea of confusion.

Can relate? Maybe you'll find these different stages of a non-relationship even more confusing. *sigh*

  1. The first meeting.

You meet for the first time at a friend's party or through a friend of a friend of a friend or when you bravely approached each other because you both came to the party solo. Regardless, you both know there's something in there—or were you just imagining that?

  1. The second meeting.

You let go of your first meeting because you don't expect them to remember you at all. Until you meet each other a second time and he decides to follow you on social media. Finally, there's the next connection you've been looking for. Now, you know there really is something between the two of you. Or is there?

  1. The invitation to just "hang."

"Let's hang," he tells you. Of course, because you're convinced that there's something going in between the two of you, you gladly tell him yes. You get to your meeting place and there's only the two of you. You talk and talk and talk...until it's time to go home. There's just a lot in common between the two of you, you think.

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  1. The unending conversations.

He messaged you first. You answered. That's the start of your unending conversations. From the weather this morning to how you brush your it, you've both talked about it! So what exactly is up between the two of you???

  1. The confusion.

Speaking of what is up between the two of you, you're confused as to where you stand in his life. You've met up—just the two of you, BTW—a couple of times. You talk until the wee hours of the morning. He tells you his problems, you tell him yours. Sooooooo. Are you dating? Is he pursuing you? Will he pursue you? WHAT. IS. SERIOUSLY. GOING. ON.

  1. The "date."

Then it comes. He asks you to go out with him. Just him. You think he's finally going to confess his true feelings about you or that he'll formally ask you to be his GF. But you're wrong, so wrong. You just end up going out and talking...and that's it!

  1. The physical intimacy.

Just when you're about to think that you're just his best friend, he starts to get all physical with you. He holds your hand when you sit beside each other. He kisses you. He hugs you. Even your friends think you're a couple...but you're totally NOT because he didn't ask and you didn't say yes to anything. *sigh*

  1. The Talk.

After months and even years of living in confusion, you decide that you can't take it anymore. So you tell him that you need to talk and to clear things up. He agrees. You talk. He listens. You talk some more. The moment he decides to say something, he tells you, "I don't really know. I'm not ready for a commitment right now, but you're special to me." Or something to that effect. You take it because you'll take something, anything really since you're already in love with him.

  1. The crossroads.

This is the crucial part, the part after The Talk. He'll either date you formally or he'll slowly fade away and decide to ghost you. It really depends on him. You've done your part and given it your all. Now, you just have to wait for his choice. :(

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