The Difference Between Boys and Men

Need help figuring out what makes boys and men different? An insider spills the beans.
by Drew Asuncion   |  Sep 20, 2010
photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures (17 Again)
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Personally, we think Britney Spears got it wrong when she sang about not being a girl or a woman. Not because it wasn’t true, but because we feel it’s a topic more applicable to guys. We’ve all heard the expression “There’s a little boy inside every man,” right? Newsflash: It’s true! No matter how much this writer hates to admit it, boys will always, in one way or another, be boys.

But there are differences between these two types of the same species. Aside of course from the depth of our voices, facial and body hair (or lack thereof), and the state of our finances, there are some things that differentiate boys from men. Remember, though, that this isn’t a surefire guide on how to spot the younger guys from the more, ahem, “mature” ones. A guy can have a model car or robot collection and still be a man, right? Right?


Gimmicks. Contrary to popular belief, a guy’s gimmicks aren’t limited solely by his available budget. While that may be a big factor in deciding where he’s going to be hanging out on a busy Friday night, personal tastes factor in hugely as well, and that’s where you can get an indication of the differences between boys and men. Boys, being young, flashy, and full of energy (not to mention money from their loving parents), will choose to go to social hotspots, like bars, big-name grills and restaurants, or basically wherever they can see and be seen. Men, being a bit more advanced in years, may have a bit less energy to expend in pursuit of gimmick happiness, so you’ll usually find them in places that are a bit less boisterous and easier to hear oneself in, like upscale lounge bars, classy restaurants, and the like.

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