The Difference Between a Mature Relationship and an Immature Relationship

"Mature relationships encourage you to grow; immature relationships force you to change."
by Ana C. Pascual for   |  Jan 10, 2016
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They say love is a many splendored thing, but like everything else, it should have a certain balance. While immature couples "fall" in love and get lost in each other's world, mature couples step into it fully aware of what they're getting into and do their best to make things work. If you're in a relationship right now, which kind do you have?

On the Wings of Love Nadine Lustre and James Reid

Mature relationships understand space; immature relationships get too clingy.

Most mature couples know that they each have their own lives to live and that they shouldn't make their partners the center of their attention all the time. They know how to enjoy life on their own, with their friends, or with their family. Staying in contact with your significant other 24/7 can actually strain your relationship and even lead to bigger arguments in the future. Magpa-miss ka naman!

Immature relationships go with the flow; mature relationships call each other out when needed.

Instead of agreeing with your guy on everything, you correct him when he says or does something wrong. You have your own voice and perspective in life. When you're in a healthy relationship, you respect the fact that both of you are two different people with different opinions in life.

Mature relationships encourage you to grow; immature relationships force you to change.


Change is constant. You will never be the same person you were when you first started going out with your man. However, it's one thing to change naturally and another to force one to change who they really are just to meet the other’s wants and needs.

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