The Difference Between A Girl And A Woman

So when is one a girl, and when is she a woman? When exactly does the baby become a lady?
by Andrew Asuncion   |  May 30, 2010
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How many times have you heard Mom say, "Will you please act like a lady! You're not a little girl anymore!" But turn around and do something you think is mature, and she retorts with, "You're not old enough to make decisions for yourself!" These statements are so classic (and so annoyingly loud) that they've formed an eternal conundrum for the female species, as captured so succinctly in Britney's "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" song. So when is one a girl, and when is she a woman? When exactly does the baby become a lady?

We guys don't pretend to be experts on the subject (well, maybe we do), but through years of observation (and you thought we were just ogling), we've picked up a few things on the differences between girls and women. So check these categories out, and find your own answer to Ms. Spears' dilemma.

  1. Appeal
    The ever-important subject. Guys find that girls are a breath of fresh air. They're reasonably easy to please, and are not averse to going out late and letting their freshly-shampooed hair down in cool gimmick places. Women, on the other hand, are more inclined to enjoy a quiet dinner in fancy restaurants where reading the menu requires a degree in foreign languages and a very healthy bank account. Women also present a more knowing, sexily unattainable air, while girls seem to have fun all the time and, as such, appear to be more approachable.

  2. Voice
    While it's a fact that all females like to talk, there is still a difference between how girls and women talk. When in a mall or some similarly noisy place, people will definitely hear the girls talking. Girls can be loud and expressive, hence the countless "Oh-my-Gods" and "Can-I-just-tell-yous" ringing out like a multitude of church bells in any given gimmick place. This ensures that the recipients of these various discussions and outbursts get their point immediately.  Women, in keeping with their "mature" image, rarely raise their voices above single-digit decibels. This, however, doesn't mean they can't convey their message effectively. In fact, it can be more effective at times, since the listener has to strain to hear every nuance of the conversation, guaranteeing undivided attention for the woman. However, it must be noted that women, particularly when in their cliques, have also been guilty of bursting into loud, cackling laughter, thereby scaring the pants off any self-respecting male within a 50-meter radius.

  3. Looks
    After extensive research, a vast majority of guys have concluded that one type of female secretly yearns to appear like the other. Girls put on a whole lot of makeup and dress in what they believe is grown-up fashion (spaghetti straps, tight jeans, etc.) to impress upon guys the fact that they are of dating age, and that it would be a very good idea to take them out and lavish attention upon them. Women shun makeup (probably because they wear enough of it at work) and like to wear what they think is the fashion of the younger generation (spaghetti straps, tight jeans, etc.) in an effort to convince guys that they are still of dating age, and that it wouldn't be a bad idea to check them out as well.

  4. Guys
    The reason girls are so concerned about their looks (at least, the reason we think is valid) is that they want to attract guys. But is there a difference between the type of man a girl and a woman would go for? Experience says yes. In my opinion, girls basically go for good-looking guys flashing lots of money. Sure, they say they want a kind, understanding guy, and looks don't matter, but nine out of 10 girls you see in the mall will be surgically attached to the arm of a guy who can be considered popular, handsome, rich, and a trend-setter (never mind if he has the IQ of a donkey and the manners of a goat).  Women, on the other hand, are more enamored with the intangibles (emotional security, positive attitude, willingness to engage in a long-term relationship). That gives the kind-hearted men who actually look like goats a decent stab at love. Then again, would any female really want to date Billy Goat Gruff regularly?

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