The Candyman After The First Girlfriend

Ever wonder how a guy's life changes after getting together with his first girlfriend? Girls, take note!
by Paolo Evangelista   |  Jul 6, 2010
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Mean Boys
I’ve learned that I have to become more sensitive to Kristin’s feelings, especially since I never had to worry about anybody except myself before. Being a smart aleck like myself, I’ve often been the guy dishing out the most wisecracks in my barkada. Never thinking twice about mocking my friends for their looks, or their relationship problems, or even the way they talk colegiala English—my friends all acknowledged me as the guy you wouldn’t want making fun of you. Of course, Kristin wasn’t going to let me get away with that.

“Why do you have to be so mean to your friends?”  “Would it kill you to try and be nicer?” Even if I explained that it was all good, clean fun, it would still upset her enough that I’d feel bad about it. I had to be more aware that what I perceived as hilarious or harmless wasn’t necessarily the same to her.

Hanging Out with the Guys

My house (more specifically, my room) had long been considered the ultimate guy’s tambayan. Aside from whatever gaming console is in vogue at present, I also happen to have a pretty big comic collection, as well as some pretty cool toys (Kingdom Come action figures, and Batman: Hush toys). On a whim, my friends would just text or call and ask “Dude, can I hang at your house? I’m bored.” I was always the eager host, willing to have the guys borrow comics or just play video games until they got dizzy (or till their girlfriends started looking for them).

Nowadays, things aren’t quite as simple. Just last week, my friend Wally was asking if I was home because he wanted to play Smackdown vs. Raw. Of course, I was out with Kristin, so I had to beg off. As much as I would have loved to put Wally in the Crippler Crossface, I wanted to wrap my arms around my girlfriend more.


In the past, whenever I wanted something I saw online or at the mall, all I’d have to do was save money over a period of time, and go out to buy it. Whether it was the latest pair of Air Jordans, a basketball jersey, or a trade paperback featuring the Justice League of America (JLA), I knew that if I saved up for it, it could be mine. Now, I’ve changed my priorities a bit. Rather than saving to buy things, I’m saving to take Kristin out on nice dates.

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