The Candyman After The First Girlfriend

Ever wonder how a guy's life changes after getting together with his first girlfriend? Girls, take note!
by Paolo Evangelista   |  Jul 6, 2010
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I had spent a good portion of my life looking on as friends (both guys and girls) got into relationships and became part of a couple. I thought that I was a nice enough guy, I had qualities that would appeal to girls, and I had as much to offer as my other friends. Yet I seemed to have a talent for scaring girls off.

That all changed when one of my friends set me up with Kristin. We dated for a little over three months, and I fell head over heels in love. By September, my dream had become a reality—Kristin was my girlfriend. Now, before you say “Uyy, may girlfriend na,” I’ll say this: it’s not as easy as it seemed before Kristin and I became an item. From the outside looking in, I had seen my share of couples getting together, fighting, splitting up, getting back together, and all other things that happen in relationships. It all seemed so alien though. But now, I can finally sympathize with all of my friends who’ve been through this crazy thing called love.

Quality Time
Let’s get this straight: when you enter into a relationship, you have to learn to sacrifice. That’s why it’s a relationship, with the root word being “relation.” There’s more than one person involved. As a single guy, I had gotten used to a few “liberties”. I had all the time in the world to watch whatever animé or action movie I wanted, when I wanted. I could also play video games from 4 pm all the way to 4 am if I was in “video game mode.” I could go to a mall and window shop without feeling the need to tell other people where I was going. That all changed once Kristin became my girlfriend.

As any responsible boyfriend knows, you have to give your girl quality time. That means talking to her at least once a day (not just texting!) and asking how her day went. Forget watching Entourage or the World Cup finals for a little while! It’s not like Kristin demands I talk to her, but she’s sincerely interested in how my day went, and I’m just as interested about what happened on her end.


Now, I realize there are times when you just have to play with your PS2/Game Cube/Xbox/PC, but I really had to cut down on those things after I had a girlfriend. There was a time though that I told my girl I was sleepy and that I was ready to go to bed, but the truth was, I ended up playing Grand Theft Auto and NBA Live until 2 am.

The guilt wasn’t worth it. It doesn’t hurt to just be honest with your girlfriend and tell her “Sweetie, is it okay if I go back to playing now?” In fact, Kristin appreciates it more. Honesty is something that both guys and girls appreciate, and I’ve realized you’re better served by being upfront and honest rather than deceitful and full of excuses.

If there are mean girls, there are mean boys. Read more on the next page.

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