The 5 Types of Breakups People Deal with in College

Not all breakups were created equal.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 24, 2016
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College breakups are the wooorst. You're trying your best to juggle all your relationships with your group meetings, projects, papers, and exams... and then poof! It just happens and you don't know how to deal with everything anymore. But here's the truth: not all breakups feel the same because it depends on your reason for calling it quits with your guy. There are some that are just bound to happen, and there are also some that will make your walls crumble down. When we stumbled upon this article from Her Campus about the types of breakup that happen in college, we decided to make a list of the ones we've encountered and have seen our friends go through, too. 

1. The breakup with your high school sweetheart.

Sadly, a breakup like this happens almost always in college. Maybe it's because of the hectic schedules or maybe it's because you just realize that you actually want different things in life and that transition was difficult for your relationship. The changes once you get into university can sometimes be overwhelming that your bond with bae won't be able to take it anymore.


2. The breakup with your first love.

Slightly similar to breaking up with your high school sweetheart, your breakup with your first love is something that most people also go through in college. You know in your heart that you've matured and your outlook in life is slightly more serious. You think you're so ready for the future and you can take whatever it is life decides to hurl at you. So when your breakup with your first real love happens, you'll go through a change you've never been through before.

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3. The mutual breakup.

This breakup happens without the drama (like hurtful words being yelled at each other). It's a choice you've both made because you figured that not being in a relationship is the best thing you can do at this time of your life when you're also just trying to see where you're going. Recovering from this type of breakup is a bit easier since you still have that love and respect (hi, Calvin and Taylor!) for each other.


4. The breakup that happened because one of you has to leave.

College also gives you the opportunity to get into exchange programs and scholarships abroad. There are also times when you realize the school and the degree just isn't for you. And along with this kind of change is also a change in the amount of time you can give your relationship. The distance is hard and harsh, and so is the time difference.

5. The breakup you just needed to happen.

You probably saw this one coming. You've been too caught up with your school requirements and have been busy being a friend and a daughter. If there's one thing you can sacrifice at the moment so you can have more time for yourself, you know it's your relationship—you didn't even have to think twice. In short, you've just been waiting for him to initiate The Talk and just let you go.


While you'll go through different breakups in college, it is important to remember that you will get through it as a better person. Yes, you've heard that too many times already. But breakups, no matter how painful and heartbreaking they may be, will teach you a thousand lessons that you'll need as you walk through life. Never give up, Candy Girls!

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