The 10 Guys Every College Girl Will Meet

Raise your hand if you have NOT encountered any of their kind.
by Mara Agner   |  Sep 24, 2016
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  1. The guy who spends more time doing org work than actual academic work.

Ask this guy about next week's assignment and he'll give you a blank stare for an answer. Either that or a justification, which is probably—wait for it...Oh forget it, we already know—org work. He's passionate about his orgs and even spearheads some of them. No wonder he has a lot of friends from different courses.

  1. The guy who's most likely to deliver the valedictory speech at graduation.

He's smart, responsible, easy to get along with, and basically the token representative for everything school-related—whether it's to rep your batch at the student government or volunteer for a university-wide activity during Foundation Week. And that's all on top of his outstanding academic performance and extracurricular activities!

  1. The guy who knows everything about the school.

Whether it's the school's history, rules (he's read the University Handbook from cover to cover), available courses, classroom locations, enrolment schedules, this guy knows everything and is generous with this information, too.


  1. The guy who doesn't bring anything at all.

Not even a pen! And come surprise quiz or graded recitation, he'll come scrambling next to you to borrow a pen and ask for paper or share your reading material.

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  1. The guy who doesn't mind being the butt of jokes, which is most probably of his own doing.

Quick-witted and hilarious, this guy doesn't mind risking talking back to a professor just to make the class laugh. He always has something to say and it almost always leaves you in stitches.

  1. The guy who always asks questions even if it's already dismissal time.

Curiouser and curiouser... This guy just couldn't get a hint. Not that asking questions is a bad thing, it's just that you have other classes to attend to and in a building on the far side of the campus.

  1. The guy who everybody literally looks up to…because he's so tall and plays ball.


If he's not competing against other teams to make the school proud, he's in class making an effort to catch up with the topics he missed.

  1. The guy who gets a lot of likes on his social media posts.

He's just a regular guy—until you check his social media accounts. He has more followers than all of the class' followers combined, and even get follow back requests from time to time.

  1. The guy who feels sorry for himself when he gets a "low" grade.

And by low, he means "only second to the highest." UHM.

  1. The guy who just wouldn't stop until everyone acknowledges he's the best.

After an exam, he'd be in a huddle with everyone, comparing answers to a tricky question. Once he gets the results, he'd go around asking everyone what their scores are and if someone gets a higher score, he'd check which part he did not get right. Ever the competitive, he's always in a debate with someone whether about the school's system, the seating arrangement, or the cafeteria food.

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