Here's Why You Should Never Text Your Ex

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 28, 2014
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Unless you want to see your conversations with him on @textsfromyourex—an Instagram account dedicated to compiling text messages sent to your ex or those you receive from them—then go ahead and hit the send button now.

But here's the real reason why you have to stop yourself from sending that message: You don't want to be on the receiving end of the fury (and even cruelty, huhuhu) of your ex which will make moving on harder, right? Here are 7 aww-inducing conversations we read from the account, funny reminders that you should really think twice and think hard before starting a conversation with the person you used to be in a relationship with.

1. You'll most probably get no replies from your ex, so don't waste your time.

2. You question his standards and choices and he'll use it to hurt you. Again.


3. You ask him if he's dating someone and he'll most probably give you "yes" for an answer. Then you'll hurt yourself again, and go through another messy round of letting go and moving on.

4. You're going to be too friendly too soon and he'll most probably just hate it.

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5. You can also help him practice his editing skills (hey, you misspelled that word on purpose!). The better thing to do if you were the one receiving this message is to keep your feelinigs to yourself. There's no need to be cruel.

6. You use a pickup line just to make things less awkward and he'll possibly just make fun of it.


7. Or maybe he'll let you know that he's not just deleting or ignoring your messages. Hey, at least he's polite enough to tell you he got your texts!

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