How to Move on From a Breakup, According to Erich Gonzales

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by Cosmopolitan Philippines   |  Jul 16, 2017
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It's been over four months since Erich Gonzales went through her drama-filled breakup with Daniel Matsunaga. But the Kapamilya star seems to be waaay past those complicated times, and recently spoke to ABS-CBN about how those experiences helped her grow into the person she is today: "I can say na 'yung experiences natin in life'yung mga nangyaribrought [us] to where [we are] today. Kung baga, hinugot natin d'on to be a better person."

Erich then went on to reveal the simple six-step process she used to ~*finally*~ move on from her most recent heartbreak:

  1. "You just have to accept. May mga bagay talaga na kahit anong gusto mong mangyari, hindi talaga eh, kasi hindi talaga 'yun para sa'yo."

  2. "Train your mind to see the good in everything."

  3. "Focus on the now, hindi na 'yung past. 'Yung now and then 'yung future mo."

  4. "Do things that will make you feel whole."

  5. "It's also important to prioritize yourself. It's not being selfish. It's necessary."

  6. "If you wanna be strong, you have to learn how to be alone. Like me—alone but not lonely, 'di ba?"

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