Spot A Good Guy In 5

Guys are everywhere, but to find a true-blue good guy, you're going to have to learn to read the signs.
by Gabs Santos   |  Aug 19, 2012
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Life is a journey. You’ve all heard that before, no doubt. As you attempt to find your way amidst the twists and turns in the road of life, it’s inevitable that you eventually hit the speed bump that is romance. At some point, when you meet a guy with romantic-partner potential, you are going to have to slow down and ask yourself: “Is this a good guy?” This can be a particularly bamboozling question, especially if you are meeting said guy for the first time. But fear not, dear readers! Candy is here to dole out sage advice. One must remember that, like any journey, traveling is infinitely easier if you follow the signs, and looking out for a good guy is no different.

How to spot a good guy in 5 minutes:

Your eyes have met, and a conversation has been struck. Five minutes is not really a lot of time to get to know a person inside and out, so you’re going to have to be on the lookout for certain basic good-guy signals.


• He’s responsible. You want a responsible guy. Trust me, you do. A guy who holds a leadership position or doesn’t let his grades slip is the kind of guy who has his head on right. If it happens in school, it’s very likely that the same attitude carries over into other aspects of his life.

• He’s passionate. Just because a guy is an average student with average grades doesn’t mean he’s not filled with bright ideas and passion for something. The topics he chooses to talk about are also clues to his character. If you see that he applies himself to something he feels strongly about, such as sports, art, music, and the like, chances are this guy has got substance.

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