10 Stages of Moving on From Someone You Never Dated Officially

It's never going to be easy.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 26, 2017
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Most probably, every girl in this world has been in an almost relationship at least once in their lives. While some are lucky to completely transition to a formal relationship, most of us end up with broken and (semi-)angry hearts because WHY. 

Curious as to what girls who move on from such "relationships" go through after the death of what wasn't even really there? Scroll down to see for yourself!

  1. Confusion: Is this real?

"Were we even 'real'?"

  1. Denial: She's just a friend. Probably. Most likely.

"Like me, riiight? Just a friend?"

  1. Desperation: I should make him explain.

"I know we're not together, but I NEED answers!"

  1. Another round of denial: Well, we're not really dating. 

"So he can go and be with whomever he wants to be."

  1. Bargaining: I should talk to him.

"Let me remind him about us. He will change his mind." 

  1. Relapse: I have to try again.


"Hey, they said to give it your all!"

  1. Anger: I HAAATE him!

"How could he do this to me!!!"

  1. The beginning of acceptance: We weren't really together anyway.

"I know where I stand now."

  1. The beginning of slowly moving on: Goodbye, my almost lover.

"Some things are just not meant to be."

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  1. Being hopeful: I know there are better things for me out there.

"Because I don't deserve to be just someone's almost."

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