Is Your Boyfriend Trying to Hide Your Relationship?

Here are the signs!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 31, 2017
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Honestly, there are a lot of dating trends already that we're starting to lose track of which term refers to what relationship phenomenon. And if you're starting to get dizzy from everything already, here's another one that will surely make your head (and heart!) ache.

If you feel like your boyfriend's trying to hide your relationship without your knowledge, then he might actually be stashing you. Stashing, whut? According to Metro UK's Ellen Scott, stashing is when the person you're dating doesn't introduce you to anyone in their lives and prefers to just hide you away from his family and friends. (via

TBH, it's the worst feeling! No one wants to feel like being with them is something to be ashamed of. Worried that your BF might be stashing you? Check the signs in this checklist below!

  • You've been together for a while already but he hasn't introduced you to any of his family or friends yet.
  • The only photos he posts of your time together are food shots and location shots. None of these have your face in it.
  • He doesn't tag you or mention you in his captions about your time together. He, instead, writes something vague or just uses emojis.

If you confirmed from the signs above that he's hiding you, we suggest that you talk to him and clear things up with him ASAP. He surely has reasons for not doing so and it's better that you hear those straight from him.

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