When Regular Guys Become Twitter Famous (Hello, #AlexFromTarget!)

Remember when the Twitterverse looked for those 2 guys who looked a bit like One Direction's Harry Styles and Zayn Malik?
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Nov 4, 2014
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We're constantly on the lookout for beautiful people to lay our eyes on whether online or offline, which is why these hashtags went viral and gave these "regular" guys (read: they're not actors or models or musicians) Twitter fame.

Case #1: Alex From Target

Earlier this week, the hashtag #AlexFromTarget went viral on Twitter. Twitterverse scoured every corner of the Internet to find any possible piece of information about this handsome guy named Alex who works at the retail store. The search even spawned a hundred memes and a fanfic. That's how famous he is!

According to Gawker, Alex is a babyfaced teen who works as a checkout boy in Texas. He goes by the Twitter handle @acl163 and unforch, he already has a girlfriend named Lindsey. Sorry, girls.


Case #2: Kiernan From T-Mobile

After Alex From Target, the Twitterverse went on to look for other handsome guys working retail jobs and found Kiernan from T-Mobile. Followers of Kiernan and Alex even started some sort of cute little fight online on who's more handsome, Alex From Target or Kiernan from T-Mobile? We think it's a draw, though. The real problem is no one knows what Kiernan's real name is. We just have to wait until a hardworking person finds out what his Twitter or Instagram handle is.

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Case #3: Harry Styles of the Philippines

But wait, we know you're itching for a story like this from our own beautiful country, so we've included One Direction's Harry Styles's lookalike from the Philippines (technically, he's German, but he's here so we're claiming a few rights, LOL!) whom we found because the hashtag #HanapinSiKuyaHarrySaPinas trended a few days ago. Filipino fans scoured the online world (and Camiguin, because that's where he was spotted!) to find him.


The result of the search? The guy's name is Jonas and he's in this resort as a "divemaster trainee."


Case #4: Zayn Malik of the Philippines

We don't know which came first, the search for Harry or Zayn Malik's lookalike. But we love how the Twitterverse is out on a mission to find him, too. The problem is we don't know if anyone knows his real name yet.

Spot any regular cuties recently? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. :)

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