Pick Your Perfect Prom!

  |  Feb 7, 2009
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What's your idea of the ultimate after-prom party?
Driving around town with my date and finding a quaint café where we can chill.
Trooping over to the clubs—gotta make the most of my outfit and perfect prom makeup!
Hanging out at the hotel lobby for ice cream and dessert with my best buds and their dates.
Which prom-worthy party from a movie did you enjoy the best?
Sky High's super diverse, super fun prom.
Step Up's highly charged dance party set at a local teen club right by the water.
She's the Man's cotillion. Everyone was beautifully dolled up!
Which prom committee position are you most likely to carry?
Decorations. It’'s a great way to exercise my creative muscles.
Photography. Prom's the best time to exercise my paparazzi skills.
Head chair. I live for organizing parties!
Which Disney movie ranks highest on your list of faves?
The Incredibles.
Which performer is rocking your socks right now?
Sara Bareilles. Love how she rocks that piano with her lighthearted tunes.
Timbaland. His collaborations with other hip-hop artists are too cool.
Maroon 5. Can't wait to see them in concert next month!
If you were lucky enough to bring a celebrity prom date, who would it be?
Shia LeBouf. He's quirky enough to keep me entertained all night.
Penn Badgley. His Gossip Girl good looks have me weak-kneed!
Hayden Christensen. His classic good looks make me melt.
Who's your favorite style icon?
The Olsens. Oddly enough, their mismatched outfits always make great fashion sense.
Rachel Bilson. Loved her in the OC, love her now.
Grace Kelly. Her look is as timeless today as it was decades ago.
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