#NowPlaying: 10 Sad Songs For You To Listen To On the Road

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 24, 2014
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Don't tell us you haven't done this, Candy Girls. You know, sitting by the window in a bus or in your car and listening to sad songs, while you're pretending you're in a music video. You know you're not really sad or heartbroken, but somehow listening to sad songs in the car makes you feel happy in a weird way.

#NowPlaying: 10 Sad Songs For You To Listen To On the Roadvia giphy.com

We totes get how you feel. To welcome the weekend (and because for sure, most of you'll be going some place else), here's a playlist of 10 sad songs you can totes listen to and practice your music video acting skills to while traveling to your weekend destination. Happy weekend, girls!

What are the songs in your playlist, Candy Girls? Let us know about them in the comments and don't forget to follow Candy Magazine on Spotify, too. :)

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