Love Doctors: AJ Perez and Dino Imperial

  |  Feb 11, 2010
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Ask AJ

Love Dilemma: I'm planning to cook for my guy on our "monthsary." Any ideas on what food I can prepare or how I can make our date more memorable?

AJ says: I'm sure he'll like whatever you come up with. If you cook and the food isn't good or if the night turns out to be a disaster, your guy will still be happy because what really matters is that he's with the girl he loves. I haven't had any super romantic dates because I prefer simple things like walking in the mall, watching a movie, having dinner, or playing games in TimeZone. But I'm game for anything fun! Good luck on whipping up a romantic feast!

Love Dilemma: My best guy bud and I had a fight. How can we patch things up?

AJ says: I believe fights are a step to improving relationships. If you had a fight about a certain thing, you learn a valuable lesson, and you'll know what you're not supposed to do next time. But fights can ruin a relationship too, so it's best to patch things up as soon as possible. If you know you're wrong, apologize. If you think it's the guy's fault, talk to him about it. It doesn't matter how it started as long as you both admit your mistakes and say you're sorry. I've had small fights with some girl cast members of Abt Ur Luv. Sometimes, when taping ends late, we get so tired that little things-like me sitting on their chair or getting their food—can upset them. But it usually doesn't lead to big fights. I just try to understand.


Dear Dino

Love Dilemma: My friend and I like the same guy. How do we settle this?

Dino says: Don't let the guy know, because he'll probably take advantage of the situation. If you've been friends for a long time, a boy's not worth destroying the friendship for. NEVER make the guy choose between the two of you—sometimes, you can't handle the truth. I went through something similar with my friends. There were three of us who liked the same girl. We decided it was stupid to fight over a girl—that our friendship was more important. I'm not trading in any of my friends for a girl.

Love Dilemma: This guy is courting me. I'm starting to like him, but I want to be sure that he's serious. How can I tell?

Dino says: If he's persistent and consistent, and if he waits for you to be ready for a relationship. Also, if he shows you both his good and bad sides. The problem with ligaw is that the guy always puts his best foot forward. And sometimes, it's hard to tell if you really like someone—physical appearances can be misleading. You think it's for real, but the truth is, you just find them attractive. You have to get to know each other on a deeper level, which includes accepting one another's faults.

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