Let's Talk About Love

  |  Feb 9, 2010
photos by Patrick Martires
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The Candy editors share their thoughts about love. How about you? What is the best love advice you could ever give?

miac.jpg True love always has a multiplier effect—it'll teach you to love other people around you and help you grow into a better person. Don't settle for anything less, but don't be so narrow-minded and picky that you lose sight of the forest for the trees. :) —Mia, Editor in Chief
mimi.jpg Give your love to someone who truly deserves it. —Mimi, Managing Editor
marla.jpg You already know that you should love yourself before getting into a relationship. But I believe it goes beyond that: you should love yourself, your family, your friends, your dreams, and your goals. Focus on making memories with your friends, taking your siblings out on dates, and chasing after your dreams and goals. A boyfriend—especially the RIGHT one—can always wait. :) —Marla, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg Love is always give and give, never give and take. Because "love isn't love until you give it away." (Not sure where that quote's from exactly but it has always stuck with me somehow.) —Macy, Web Deputy Managing Editor
roch.jpg Love yourself above all else and it will all fall into place. :) —Roch, Web Staff Writer
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