It's Possible to be "Just Friends" with Your Guy Best Friend

Not all friendships end up like Love, Rosie.
by Danielle Bernabe   |  Sep 16, 2016
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Hollywood has us thinking that there is no room for any platonic guy and girl relationships in our lives. Look at Love, Rosie, When Harry Met Sally, and Juno, where all sets of best friends end up together. It's as if the universe is telling you that when you have a guy best friend, you are destined to be with that person. When really, that concept is just ridiculous. Saying that guys and girls can't just be friends is basically telling us that we'll all fall for any guy who we have even the slightest attachment to. It's portraying us women to merely be emotional beings who don't have any control over what we feel. Having a guy best friend who you're strictly platonic with isn't weird or something you just dream of. It's the reality of many girls who experience this type of friendship every single day of their lives. It's not weird or scary. At the end of the day, it's just like almost any other friendship you have. You laugh, you watch movies, you eat together, give each other love advice, and just hang out. There are no secret intentions or signs to be read. It's really just two people who spend loads of time together just because they enjoy each other's company. There's nothing more—or less—to it.

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Guy best friends are also some of the best friendships you can ever have.

They are always there to lighten things up in your life when everything is getting pretty heavy. When you get your heart broken, they'll be there to listen to you bawl your eyes out for hours, and then make you laugh about the silliest things. Not to mention, they'll also connect you with all of their cute friends. Guy best friends also make the best wingmen. They will talk you up to that cute guy who you've been crushing on for a while without making it awkward or overbearing. Their love life advice is also very insightful because you're actually getting advice from that part of the spectrum. Whenever you walk into a relationship, you're not as blind or as naïve. They can also almost always tell if your crush likes you back and they will tell you straight in cold blood if your crush doesn’t feel the same way.


The best thing though about having a platonic guy best friend in your life is that everything is so simple with them.

You will never feel like you have to impress him or feel inadequate. This guy is basically like a brother to you. There is never any drama between you two. Most of the time, it's just plain fun. If a problem ever comes between you two, it's easily resolved with food—and fine, maybe a bit of teasing till either one gives in. Nothing is ever really complicated when you're platonic with your guy best friend and having that in your life just makes everything so much easier. So even if they can get very annoying, you know that like a brother he will always have your back. Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there and making friends with the opposite gender. They may not be the friends that you are used to having but they are just as awesome, loving, and caring as any other friend you have.


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