Is He a Boyfriend or a Boy Friend?

You like your guy bud, you haven't said anything but are your actions giving away your true feelings? Find out if he's clued in. by Lia Cruz
  |  Oct 18, 2008
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Oh no! Stranded! You miss your ride home from school and he's the only one left. He says:
offers to wait with you while you call home.
asks politely, 'Do you need a ride home?" but you can't tell if he wants you to say yes or no.
insists on bringing you home until you accept.
nothing. He just drags you into his car and brings you home.
When you're assigned to work together for a class project, he walks over to your desk, pulls a chair and says:
"Can we split the work half-half so that we don't have to waste too much time?"
"So, any ideas?"
"We should definitely start with a planning session. Coffee after class? My treat!"
"Wow, I can't believe we were paired together! How lucky is that?!"
What do your friends say about the two of you?
That your lockers are right next to each other.
"You guys are bagay! You'd look cute together if you actually considered going out."
"Uuuuy, what's going on with the two of you? You're always hanging out ha!"
"You guys are sooo cute together! Kayo na ba? Hello, when are you gonna get together kasi?!"
When he shows up in your house during a family get-together, your titas react by teasing the two of you. He:
heads straight to the buffet table.
laughs it off, then teases you later on that you have a thing for him.
blushes, then asks you later if it made you uncomfortable.
gets flustered, but smiles—at them then at you.
On a regular day, while having a regular conversation, talking about regular things, how does he look at you?
Are you kidding me? I’m lucky if I can get his attention away from his PSP at all.
He looks directly into my eyes when he says important things.
He looks directly into my eyes but he tends to glance all over the place sometimes, as if he doesn't want to be caught doing it.
looks directly into my eyes all the time—whether he's saying something important or not.
Your barkada decides to go on a road trip to Baguio. As soon as you get on the bus, he plops down in the seat next to you, and:
asks to borrow your iPod, because he could really use a nap and he needs to tune out the noise.
smiles a heart-melting grin at you, saying, "We are going to have an amazing trip!"
starts making conversation by asking you where you want to go once you arrive, then offers you a stick of gum.
hands you the salami and lettuce sandwich that he promised to make you, plus a bottle of water, a bag of chips, and a tourist's guide to all the great places to visit in Baguio.
For weeks, you've been wailing about not yet having a date to the prom. Over merienda after school, you absentmindedly complain (again) to him about not being able to find one. In response, he:
laughs, tells you to get over it and just ask any old guy.
starts asking what kind of date you're looking for.
looks thoughtful then asks, "Well, I don't have one yet. We can go together if we both can't find a date," then goes back to eating his fishballs.
looks straight into your eyes, says, "Then come with me," without batting an eyelash. Then he smiles and raises his eyebrows.
It's your birthday! You attack the mountain of presents in your bedroom, and right on the top is his gift. It's:
a card. He obviously only remembered last minute.
a huge stuffed animal. Cute but not really super impressive.
the newest book from your favorite author in the world.
the necklace you saw in a store window a thousand weeks ago while hanging out with him in the mall. You liked it, tried it on but thought it was too expensive to get. He remembered!

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