How To Un-Crush Your Crush

Disillusioned by your crush? It's time you crush him.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 5, 2014
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The problem with crushes? You tend to place them on a pedestal so high that you almost forget they're human beings, too. That they, too, have their flaws and are capable of disappointing you at any given minute. But don't you worry. It's just a crush. It would be easier to move on or un-crush him because feelings aren't that deep yet. You know that he's just another guy passing through.

Don't know where and how to start? Here's a little guide we made for you.

  1. Get to know him better. A.k.a. know his history. Know more about his good side and his bad side, especially his bad side. You can't let him fool you this time around. He's gained ammunition when you allowed yourself to fancy him because of his cuteness. Enough of that. Use your knowledge to your advantage this time around. Find something about him that turns you off. Did your best friend catch him picking his nose? Does he cheat during school exams? Did he just misspell a simple word?

  2. Allow yourself to get mad. How could he disappoint you? How could he do gross things in public? How could he hurt an innocent person with his snide remark and think it's funny? How could he be so insensitive to other people's feelings? Allow yourself to be angry at him...and his flaws. Let all your feelings out. Once you've gotten rid of them, moving on should be as easy as counting from one to three.

  3. Think of the silver lining. You will have more time for your other crushes. You'll have another crush who you can be proud to be crushing on. You won't have to defend him to your friends or your parents, because even if he's not perfect, he exerts an effort to set a good example at least. And who are we kidding here? An awesome girl like you deserves to give her attention to someone worthy of it.

  4. Learn your lesson. Now you know that not all guys are cute. Or that sometimes, they're just that...cute. Don't forget that they're normal people who have flaws, too. It's up to you if you can accept these things about him. If you can, congratulations! You're on your way to having deeper feelings for him. Just kidding. You get the picture, though. If you can accept the entire package, it's a good sign that you're not just in it for the crush.

  5. Look for another crush. The easiest way to un-crush your crush? Get another crush. As we said earlier, there are lots of cute guys out there who are worthy of your time and attention. You just have to start looking around. The current guy you're crushing on has clouded your vision, so that he's the only one you can see. But once you decide to get rid of your feelings for him, you'll be better.

Cute guy disappointed you just recently? Tell us about it in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We love hearing from you!

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