How To Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Really Telling Him

So how exactly do you tell him but not tell him?
by Abi Aquino   |  Jun 11, 2010
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Be A Bit More Physical With Him!

Touch is a great indicator of attraction, but once again we must restrain our cavewoman urges—no saccharine-sweet cooing, and no anaconda-like wrapping of one’s self onto his arm. Let’s make that clear: When you touch a person, they become more aware of you somehow. Now when you start strangling a person via tight hugs, these people turn purple and die. Got it? Good.


If you are good friends with him: When walking side by side to class or going home, allow your hand to rest on his shoulder lightly for several seconds then let go. Or, ask him for the time, and grab his wrist to look at his watch (or cellphone), then let go. 


If you’re crushing from afar: This is so sneaky, it’s almost illegal. We assume that you are fairly familiar with his schedule, so position yourself in a place where he frequently walks. Pretend you are looking for something in your bag and casually bump into him. Smile, say “sorry,” then walk away. (Don’t do this right after P.E.—sweaty and red does not suit you.)


Wear Perfume

You’ve heard of pheromones, right? Those “love scents” we supposedly give off to attract the opposite sex? Well, wearing perfume will help those hard-working pheromones send your message across. Scientific studies have proven certain smells trigger feelings of love and attraction from the opposite sex. It is also the most enduring memory that stays in our minds, so at the very least, your main man will always be reminded of you whenever he gets a whiff of your favorite cologne.


If you are good friends with him:  Research has shown that cinnamon and vanilla scents remind guys of love and romance, so spritz on a light vanilla scent, or tote along a couple of cinnamon rolls the next time you rendezvous with your crush.


If you’re crushing from afar: Spritz on that vanilla scent, and pass by him in halls. He’ll get a whiff of you that’s so delicious he’ll have to restrain himself from suddenly nibbling on you.



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