How To Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Really Telling Him

So how exactly do you tell him but not tell him?
by Abi Aquino   |  Jun 11, 2010
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There is an art to having a crush. Not many girls know this, but it’s true. Crushing on a guy requires skill, panache, and the balls of a large kalabaw. Because aside from sighing dreamily about his cute dimples or his flip-floppy hair, the art of crushing requires that you send your guy signals. Signals that let him know… you’re interested! Sort of. After all, what’s the point of liking someone if you can’t let him know, even just a little bit? It’s like holding back a huge sneeze for too long: Eventually it just all blows out, and someone’s bound to say “Eww.”


The trick is to send the right kind of signals that let him know you think he’s the bomb. You’ll want to use nice, subtle, simple ones—signals that will make his ears perk up like a puppy who’s suddenly heard the faint whistle of his favorite dame; sending signals that rival the New Year’s Eve fireworks will send him running away from you, clutching his hair, and shrieking “Nooooo…!”


Here are the top five tips scientifically tested by girls in the know—sneaky, sly ways to let your guy know that he’s all that, without scaring him away. And who knows? Once he becomes gradually aware, he may start crushing back on you. Good luck!


Don’t Blurt It Out!

Blurting, which looks like a very strange word on paper, is an equally strange thing to do in real life, especially to someone who has no idea that you like him. So don’t blurt it out. Not to your crush out loud, not even on paper, not even to your parish priest. Blurting out should be exclusively reserved for super-duper best friends, pets, and diaries.


If you are good friends with him: Maintain that cool, casual, nek-nek-mo camaraderie you have with him. Don’t change the way you act with him. He’ll smell that something is up and will start acting differently around you.



If you’re crushing from afar: Resist the urge to leap onto him and never let go. Instead, give him absent-minded nods or half-smiles whenever you pass each other inside school. You know what we’re talking about: that look that says “I think I know you, but I can’t really remember, so I’ll just nod politely instead.” This will give him the impression that he knows or remembers you from somewhere.


Find More Ways To Be With Him.

Spending more time with your guy gives him the opportunity to discover what a cute, smart, sexy thing you are. He’ll realize just how highly you value his opinion, and he’ll think you’re one of the coolest chicks he’s ever met. Now pay attention: this is a tricky tip that must be carried out with precision—bonding with him is a surefire way to get closer to him, but it can also put you in the dreaded You’re-Like-A-Sister-To-Me Zone. Our anti-ate tip? Wear lip gloss. 

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If you are good friends with him: You probably know what his hobbies are, so casually ask him for tips. If he’s into photography, ask him which digital cameras are the best buys. If he’s a PS3 addict, challenge him to a round (or three) of his fave game, with the loser buying fries.


If you’re crushing from afar: Find out from a common friend which clubs or organizations he’s in, and join them. This will give you a 250% increase in visibility and a 324% increase in chance that you’ll finally be introduced to him. We computed it. Honest.


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