How To Tell Your Best Friend You’re Catching Feelings For Them

by Maddie Cruz   |  Dec 25, 2019
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Here goes the oldest story in the book: One day, you meet your best friend and your life is changed for good. You have the same taste in music or movies. You do everything together. You share inside jokes. Somewhere in between, you start to think about other possibilities. You realize that you value what you’ve built together and you enjoy their company so much that you think you’d want to have something more than just friendship. 

If one or more of the sentences speak to you, chances are you know exactly what we’re talking about: You’re considering the possibility that you’ve already caught feelings for your best friend. The butterflies. The stolen glances. The conversations become a little extra special. It’s all fun and games, really, until it gets to a point where you feel like you have to talk about it. 

Hugs! We know it’s not easy and you’re definitely not the only person who’s ever had to go through this. There are two ways you can go about it: re-evaluate where you stand in the hopes that it’s just a fluke, or use your words and tell your best friend how you feel. If you decide, or even just consider, to go for the latter, read on. Here are a few ways that might help. 

Be sure of how you feel.

For starters, make sure you’re sure. Whether or not your bestie is on the same page, it’s not fair to tell someone you have feelings when you’re not even sure to begin with. 


Be more vocal than usual.

Did your best friend go out of their way to do you a favor? Did they bring you food? Be a bit more vocal about how much you appreciate them and the things they ~regularly~ do for you. 

Don't use platonic language to expresss romantic intentions.

If you want them to get the hint, you’ll have to be mindful of the language you use around them, as well as your actions. Don't expect them to just know you're attempting to change the status of your relationship without actually addressing the situation.

Ask them out on a date.

Allow us to repeat: ON A DATE. Pertaining back to the point above, small changes in the choice of words can make a whole lot of difference. Make sure it's clear that the next time you go out, it isn't just your usual hangout and that you both actually know and agree that it's a date.

Honestly, just go for it.

If you think it’s something you really have to let outjust say it, really. Honesty is one of the secrets to a lasting friendship anyways, and whether or not you guys are on the same page, your friends will ALWAYS be your friends no matter what, and will appreciate the fact that you confessed and opened up about how you truly feel.

There's a huge change they won't like you ~that way~.

Maybe they really think you're one of the coolest, most genuine people they've ever known, but only as a friend and nothing more. Hey, it happens, and it's okay to feel hurt by the rejection. Don't feel too defeated though. Just because they can't see you as something beyond a best friend, doesn't mean you're not "relationship-material." Each one is different!

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You might not just be on the same page at the moment, or are under different circumstances in life. What's important is that you still remain friends, regardless of how your confession goes.

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