How to Survive When Your Friends Set You Up on a Blind Date

Some people may think that blind dates are a bit unconventional but it's 2016, you guys!
by Sheena Concepcion   |  Jun 20, 2016
Image: Clare Magno
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The very idea of going out on a romantic date is already a bit overwhelming so you're probably wondering why would you event want to complicate an already complicated situation? You might want to read this article first before you permanently reject the idea of blind dates.

Be open to possibilities.

Some people may think that blind dates are a bit unconventional but it's 2016, you guys! There are a million ways to meet someone in this day and age. It's perfectly acceptable to go out on a blind date and it's actually a lot of fun. You're banking on the thrill of meeting a total stranger who has the potential of becoming your future partner. That's pretty exciting, right? Plus, the element of mystery gives you the chance to genuinely know someone without the help of your social media stalking skills.

Blind dates can actually bring out a certain kind of authenticity that rarely happens today. You'd be missing out on a lot of amazing things if you keep limiting yourself.


Let your friends help.

Not sure how to start? Ask a trusted friend to set you up with someone! A person who has your best interest at heart would surely go out his way to find your potential soulmate. It would be more fun (and safer!) to share this experience with someone close to you. Plus, you'd be sure that your friend would choose someone who gets his seal of approval.

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Be responsible.

Dating is about maturity and independence. So prove that you're ready for this new chapter in your life by always being responsible and vigilant. Do not be compelled to stay if you feel uncomfortable around your date. Leave once you notice any red flags. You should also tell your family and friends where and when you're meeting your date. You can even ask a friend drop you off at the venue. There is nothing wrong about being extra careful!


Prepare for any outcome.

Blind dates do not have guarantees. There is no definite assurance that you are going to meet your perfect match right away. So do not be disappointed if your date didn't turn out to be your dream guy. Keep in mind that dating takes time and persistence. The important thing is that you're brave enough to step out of your comfort zone to experience the ups and downs of the dating world. Every new experience is a learning moment so always remember that your decision to go on a blind date is already half the battle.

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