How To Stalk Your Crush This Summer

Sharpen your stalking skills this summer.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 19, 2014
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One of the biggest problems you'll encounter this summer, aside from not having your monthly allowance, is finding ways of how to stalk your crushes. It's easier doing it during the school year, because there's a very high possibility that you'll cross paths with them every day. How do you do it during summer vacay?

That's where we come in, Candy Girls. Of course we're here to help. Here's a useful list you may want to read now. You can thank us later!

  1. Pay him a "visit." We're assuming you know where he lives by now. So why don't you go to his village, and hang out at the clubhouse or somewhere near his house? If the odds are ever in your favor, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of him or even bump into him. And if you do, don't waste the opportunity! Don't just stand there and blush. Talk to him. Here's a sample conversation you should take note of.

    You: Hi! You're from my class/school, right? What are you doing here?
    Him: *blah, blah, explains what he's doing there while you stare at his face* What about you? Do you live here?
    You: Oh, I'm just here to visit someone. We should hang out some other time, when I come again to visit.

    Smooth and easy, ladies. Smooth and easy.

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  2. Do your homework. Go online and research. Of course, you should always maximize your resources. Open his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Does he update his status, post photos, and check in on the places he goes to? Take note of his locations and the people he hangs out with most of the time. Be observant. Is there someone you know or you're friends with in his crowd? Do you live nearby?

  3. Prepare for the worst case scenario: You don't know where he lives. So you have to depend highly on what you found out through his online accounts. Is there a mall he frequently goes to? Try going there next time and hang out in those that he's been to with his family or friends. Although there is a slim chance you'll be able to see him, you'd rather have it than none at all. Take your chances. You have nothing to lose, anyway.

  4. And also for the worst case scenario: He doesn't update his online accounts. Boo! So he's not much of an online person, so you have to go old school. Ask your common friends if they know anything, or stalk his closest friends instead. For sure there's something in there you can use—unless he's anti-social and would rather stay home, playing video games during vacay.

  5. Prank call or prank text him. Again, we're assuming you're a good stalker and you know his mobile number. For safety purposes (in case he has your number saved in his phone), use your parents' mobile or that of your yaya's. Use his friend's name and text him something like this: "Phone got crazy today. Bored. Hang out?" Voila. You have his undivided attention, and you have a huge chance to see him too. What to do when he says yes? Go to the place, pretend you're just dropping by, and offer to hang out with him while waiting for his "friend" who won't show up.

Use this summer vacay to hone this life skill, Candy Girls, because #YOLO!


How are you planning to stalk your crush this summer? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom!

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