How To Spot A Nice Guy

by Joanna Manalastas   |  Jun 15, 2010
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Sometimes, you have to wonder if nice guys are as rare as the proverbial four-leaf clover—you can get eyestrain trying to find one, and even if you do, you’re never quite sure just how much of an angel he really is. We’re not saying all guys are bad. But that shepherd boy was on to something when he figured out that big, bad wolves can disguise themselves as cute little sheep. Just as you’re always anxious to put your best foot forward around your crush, boys, when in pursuit of you, are likely to show you only their good side, too. So take a closer look. Not every guy who’s dressed immaculately in the snazziest designer duds is as pristine on the inside, and someone who may appear not quite put together shouldn’t always be offhandedly dismissed. All you have to do is pay attention…



Family Matters

Does he baby his little sister, or roll his eyes in exasperation every time she talks to him? Guys who grew up with girls in the household are usually better at relating to the opposite sex than those who have never had to drive anyone to ballet class or share a bathroom with someone who’s just discovered the joys of makeup. If he buys his sister a stuffed teddy when he sees one because he knows how much she’d love it, you’ll know he’s the kind of guy who would surprise you with your favorite dessert, just because it made him think of you.


If he doesn’t have a sister, look at the way he treats his mom. Does he treat her with respect and consideration? Is he a gentleman around her? More than remembering to buy her flowers on Mother’s Day, he’ll be worth staying with if he jumps up to help his mom with the heavy groceries or becomes her willing driver on Errand Day. Just make sure he doesn’t go overboard—you want a boyfriend, not a baby.

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