How To Read Between His Lines

by Andrew Asuncion   |  Jun 25, 2010
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Talk is cheap.
Which is why we penniless guys love it so much, It’s such a part of us, in fact, that you may have noticed there are one or two (or more) lines that we keep using over and over again. These little nuggets of pseudo-wisdom are part of every guy’s arsenal, and so probably beg the question: “What does he really mean when he says that?”

We can’t really speak for each and every guy out there, but we have a little collection of all-time favorites we can share with you, along with what the speaker might really mean when he says them. Consider this the first step in making yourself bola-proof.

“Have we met?”
This is one of those lines that are already considered classics. This will more often than not be used, despite knowing that you two basically don’t know each other from Adam and Eve. Guys still use this because it’s a safe way to try and start a conversation. If you don’t know each other (and chances are you don’t), then an introductory conversation becomes almost obligatory. Except, of course, if you’re putting out a mega-taray vibe, which he should pick up on as soon as you answer his question with a raised eyebrow and an ice-cold tone. On the off-chance that you do know each other, however, the conversation becomes even easier as you guys catch up. That is, if you don’t remember him as Ben Kulangot, or he doesn’t remember you as Annie Kita-Panty.


“Can you be my friend?”
Depending on your personality (and on how the guy looks, perhaps), this is either really cute or really gut-wrenching. Ninety percent of the time, guys who use this as an opening line really have no intention of being “just” your friend. They’ve likely been smitten by your looks, and are trying to make you more comfortable with them by pretending to just want to be friends. This line ranks right up there as one of the biggest bolas of all time.

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